Complex Copyright : Mapping the Information Ecosystem

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This book draws on a wide selection of interdisciplinary literature discussing complex adaptive systems - including scholarship from economics, political science, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and religion - to apply general complexity tenets to the institutions, conceptual framework, and theoretical justifications of the copyright system, both in the United States and internationally.The author argues that copyrighted works are the products of complex creative systems and, consequently, designers of copyright regimes for the global 'information ecosystem' should look to complexity theory for guidance. Urging legal scholars to undertake empirical studies of real-world copyright systems, Tussey reveals how the selection of workable configurations for the copyright regime is larger than that encompassed by the traditional, entirely theoretical, debate between private property rights and the commons. Finally, this unique study articulates how copyright law must tolerate certain chaotic elements that may be essential to the sustainability of complex systems.
Mapping the Information Ecosystem Sample text Perhaps the most significant emergent pattern to appear recently in the digital copyright ecosystem is a strong norm favoring free sharing of copyrightable works among thousands of consumers through P2P and social networks. Complex Copyright : Mapping the Information Ecosystem Image
AUTHOR Deborah Tussey
FILENAME Complex Copyright : Mapping the Information Ecosystem.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Jan 2012

Complex Copyright: Mapping the Information Ecosystem - Ebook ...

COMPLEX COPYRIGHT: MAPPING THE INFORMATION ECOSYSTEM, Deborah Tussey (2011) This book draws on a wide selection of interdisciplinary literature discussing co...


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